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  • Do I need a passport and visa?
    You will need a passport to travel out of the country. To find visa requirement for your destination please click here
  • Why do I need travel insurance?
    Travel insurance will protect your financial investment due to sickness, injury or death in the family. It will protect you as well during travel in case you lost your baggage or if there is a delay. Most US health insurance does not cover your sickness or hospitalization while traveling out of the country, but travel insurance will.
  • How much baggage could I bring?
    If you are traveling to the Philippines, you can check in two baggage with no more than 50 pounds each piece. You are also allowed to bring a carry on and a personal item. If you are going on a tour or a cruise, it is advisable to pack lightly. Most of them allowed only one check in and one carry on.
  • How early do I need to get to the airport.
    We recommend getting to the airport 2 hours before departure for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights.
  • Can you assign seats for my flights?
    Yes and no, it all depends on the class of ticket you purchased. If advance seat assignments are allowed, we will assign your seats according to your preference. Special or promotional fares mostly charge for advance seat assignment or seats are assigned upon check in.
  • What is included in my cruise vacation?
    Ship accommodation, most meals, some drinks, some entertainments and lots of fun are all included in your cruise fare.
  • What other expenses will I incur while cruising?
    Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, gratuities, shore excursions, spa, shopping, photographs, Wi-Fi, gambling and specialty dining are all other expenses you may incur while in the cruise.
  • Can I make payments on my trip?
    Yes, we can make payment plans for you. Most trips require full payment by 90 days before your vacation starts so we will plan accordingly.
  • Does it cost more to book with your travel agency rather booking directly to a cruise line or tour company?
    Our agency is in good relationship with most cruise lines and tour companies, besides getting the same cost or sometimes better, we can also get you some amenities you could not get on your own. Working with us means having personalized service and getting expert advice.
  • Cruise line/tour company sent me offers for being in their loyalty program, can I get those offers if I book through you?"
    Being is the loyalty program is great especially when you travel a lot. You will still get the same points and same offer even if you book through us.
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